Some Signs that Indicates he is only interested in a fling

Fling is a good thing and is being appreciated by youngsters and teenagers these days because it offers ample opportunities for both the partners know each other’s habits, likes, dislikes, and emotional structures. If everything goes well then both of you can move ahead with your relationship and giving it a permanent name. But, this is not always the case and it may go otherwise also when one partner is interested in a long term commitment while the other may only be interested in fling.

With this article we came up with some signs that may indicate that your partner is merely interested in a fling and is unwiring to get into a deep relationship. So, without investing much of our precious time let’s list those signs and here we go…!

No real conversations: While both of you might be meeting every now and then your meeting time gets confined with sex and romance only. The emotional connect between both of you is almost negligible. He barely talks with you and never wants to open up completely. If this is the situation you may interpret that your partner is only interested in a fling and your expectation for an eternal relationship will go futile.

Reluctant to for outing:   partner is unwilling to go for an outing it means he is not much interested in a long term relationship and thus don’t want others to see you both together. In other words we can say is that the extent of your relationship remains confined from his house to yours only. With such a behavior he simply wants you get branded as his girlfriend and nothing more than this.

Weekend love: Another criterion on the basis of which it can be defined that he is not interested for a long term relationship is by looking at the pattern of his love in week days. While he usually meets on weekend he always avoid meeting on week days. In weekdays he barely meets or talks to you and gives silly excuses to avoid meeting. If your partner shows such pattern of behavior in weekdays it is a clear cut indication that he is merely interested in a fling and not a committed relationship.

You barely meet or even talk that much during the week. He always seems to be busy and doesn’t want to have anything to do with you on week days.

He is not too dependable: Whenever a date is cancelled he seems cool and calm and he doesn’t think twice before calling of dates. He always remains preoccupied with his other priorities neglecting your desires. If this is the case it indicates that your partner is interested in a fling only and your relationship may not go deeper. If you wish to know more about fling and relationship then sign on to, the portal has plenty of articles and write-ups that can enlighten you about the topic.

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