Dating tips

           Yesterday, while staying at the supermarket waiting to pay for my groceries I heard two women talking about how should you behave on a date. I didn’t want to listen to them but they paid my attention because to be honest their talk was really interesting and it wasn’t like they were whispering. Probably the entire row heard what they were talking about. What I could understand is that one of the two ladies was a single women that didn’t got out for a while on a date and the other one was trying to give her some dating tips so that she would be more confident when it comes to dating.

            The first rule is that you should not let your date se that you were anxious to meet him and you have to stay as calm as you can. If he sees that you are nervous that will make him to play you as well as he wants. You have to be confident, very sure on yourself and to behave like in any other occasion when you go out with a friend over a coffee. To be honest, I think is a good advice but also a funny one. I mean, he will play you? What is this? You are a grown up woman that probably isn’t at her first date and even if it passed some time from your last one you shouldn’t be terrified. Probably you can realize right from the first couple of minutes what your date is up to and if you feel uncomfortable you can always come up with an excuse. But, in general, is a good advice.


            Then, the clothes issue. I love to hear this kind of advices because you can’t imagine what ideas can cross someone’s mind. Because there are some rules of how you have to dress at your first date. You mustn’t wear a lot of clothes because you are not a nun; don’t wear large clothes because you need to put yourself in a favorable light. You have to dress something that shows a little skin, but not too much so that you don’t pass like being vulgar. Always wear heals because a woman it looks much better on heals. You should wear a dress, a casual one that you know that makes you look nice and you feel good by wearing it. Agreed on that.

            The place where he takes you. You can say many things about the place a man takes you on a date. If he takes you to a restaurant it seems that he is a classy man, or if he takes you to bar he might be the type of guy that likes casual dates, and the examples can go on and on. And you should also pay attention at the way he dresses. The clothes can say a lot about a man and what he enjoys to do every day.

            And this was all I heard because they paid and went along. I realized that I didn’t though so much at this kind of details. I think that you should go out and try to get to know your date by just speaking to him. I don’t think you can really get to know someone regarding his clothes or where he likes to take his lunch. Just go out and enjoy your date and see how it will turn.

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