30th Birthday in Sydney: 8 Dirty Ideas for Your Celebration

Turning 30 is a memorable event. The last time you were celebrating a number so important was 10 years ago, when you did not have the freedom, or the money to throw a serious party. The next one will be when you turn 40 and who knows what will be then? 30 is simply the perfect time to enjoy all that you have, especially your still young age. And because you’re 100% grown up now, you might be thinking of some adult entertainment. This article will provide you with 8 spicy ideas to heat up your big 30 birthday!

  1. Naked butlers and waitresses

Sydney has seen a recent diversification of its erotic market and one of the hottest trends is hiring sexy waiters, waitresses and butlers to cater to you and your guests at a given venue. The topless waitressing Sydney is one of the most frequently requested for stag parties and not only. If you’re going to entertain the ladies, hunky naked butlers are the best choice. Feel free to choose the location that suits your taste and then add the proper entertainment.

  1. Brunch champagne

If you want to plan a surprise, schedule the room service to bring in champagne at brunch time. After all, it’s perfect when a celebration starts early. You don’t want to get all the best ideas when the night is already over. Therefore, start early.

  1. Beach butler

A celebration that starts early can also involve some hotness. Ladies love it that in Sydney they can hire a sexy toned butler on the beach, to serve them cocktails and put on sun lotion. Dressed in provocative uniforms, the butlers will make guests feel like royalty. This option means that you can have your hottie butler outdoors, too.

  1. Jelly fights

You can hire gorgeous animators, either male or female, to come at your party have a mock fight on a most slippery surface. They will use an inflatable tub with jelly or oil and the attendees will watch as the game unfolds into something kinkier.

  1. The dare game

Plan some adult fun dares: make your guests fake an orgasm, describe their favourite sexual position, mould naughty parts or acquire objects such as lingerie. Everyone will have a lot of fun in the process.

  1. Hire a party host

Whether it’s a stripper, a butler or a drag queen, you can leave all entertainment in the hands of a professional. Have someone fabulous host the party games and maybe bring some adult toys, too. It is a certain way to break the ice, get the party started and make it completely memorable.

  1. Private cruising

Start in the Sydney Harbour and enjoy privacy as you sail off. Have your friends on board along with some ‘dirty’ entertainers of your choice. Anything can happen, since there won’t be prying eyes around – just you and your guests.

  1. Topless casino night

Arrange a poker night with topless dealers for your buddies and they won’t be able to keep a straight face. It’s a bucks night’s favourite in Sydney.

Truly a world-class city, Sydney offers anything you can imagine, so why not take advantage? Celebrate your 30th birthday by doing more than just visiting the striptease club.

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